Thursday, June 12, 2014

a note on nell

nell was not entirely proper. in addition to her suspected sexual adventures, she liked to drive fast. every two years, she bought a new Chevy, which she kept if it were faster than the previous one. the test loop was a timed run up to walcott state park over the twists and hills of highway 141 with frank and me in the back seat on the verge of car sickness and blanche in the front with her scarf flying out the window as it originated from the neck of isadora duncan.

in her later years, after she and blanche  were sharing a room in a nursing home, and she had altzheimer's, she still loved to drive. her last chevy was, if I remember correctly, a '74, in which she would sneak out to drive until she ran out of gas and some kind stranger would call and say we (we usually being ruth) should come and get her.

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